Parkour Experiences was founded February of 2011. Since then it has been through significant growth and has taught a great number of people about the art of Parkour and all of its great benefits. We have a number of experienced coaches who also have great backgrounds in rock climbing, martial arts and breakdancing. 


Parkour Experiences has done a lot of work within Torbay and the South hams community, and continues to do so to this day. Parkour Experiences was also awarded a grants from NESTA via ‘The Edge (Y.E.S)' in a one of a kind Social Community Support Project and since then we have been awarded a number of other grants as well to help spread parkour around the bay in which its based.


We have done a great deal of work with a number of people, from promoting brand names in lavish modelling shoots to Volunteer work with youth groups around the county. Parkour Experiences has also preformed with world famous bikers such as Andre Burton and Lee Musselwhite. Parkour Experiences has also worked with great charities like Play Torbay and we provide Parkour Skill Shares though Transition Town Totnes (TTT). 


Parkour Experiences is also the first to ever set parkour classes and lessons up in many areas across Devon, places like Paignton, Torquay, Brixham ,Totnes, Ivybridge, Dartmouth and Kingsbridge. 


We have also been awarded a Special Awarded to thank us for all the work we have done within the Brixham community. This was Presented by Y.E.S at the Brix Awards and it was handed to our founder Kyle Perkins for all the work he has done.

Connor Todd