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"Kyle is great at what he does! Not only has he a great understanding of what to do but he's also really good at explaining and showing progressions of movements. I'd definitely recommend Kyle, he's approachable, friendly and his session are great fun!!!!!"

Chris Lewis


"My boy has been going to parkour with Kyle and the team for the best part of eight years! He has come a long way. - Thanks Kyle"

Julyan Bayes


"5 star's from me! Kyle is amazing with the kids. My son has extra needs so it can be difficult but wow! What can i say this guy knows his stuff"

Jasmine Victoria Roberts


"It's always nice to meet someone dedicated to what they do and love , the training is excellent and fun and my lad always looks forward to going , great work guys"

Al Wyatt


"Kyle works hard with all of the children, he teaches discipline, safety and technique to a very high standard, my daughter who has dyslexia found coordination very difficult, through going to Parkour and with Kyle's help she has mastered this, her confidence and self esteem have grown and most of all she loves going to the classes every week. Thank you"

Mel Triggs


Kyle has been inspiring kids in Buckfastleigh and running excellent evening sessions for our community.

Pam Barrett


Both Kyle and the trainee teachers are some of the most patient, polite, and encouraging people I've ever met. They take the time to make sure you are confident and comfortable while still seeing to it that you challenge yourself and have fun. It's an absolutely brilliant atmosphere and activity to be involved in. If you've ever so much as considered parkour you should come along. You won't regret it.

Jonny Finch


Pretty awesome stuff, kyle (the teacher/owner) is a pretty patient guy and down to earth when teaching new people, know how to make you feel comfortable and get going when you first start.
helps that he is an easy going guy that you can genuinely have a laugh with as well

Kaue Tomaz


My son went today for the first time, he had an amazing time with Kyle and the other kids who went today, when I got him he was full of joy, I really wish I had known about this before so glad it came up on facebook, a great way to burn of energy have fun

Kerry O'regan