Parkour Experiences offers consultation and advice on the creation of Parkour Parks and equipment. We have worked with Freemove, Torbay Council, Totnes Town Council and Dartmoor Zoo in the past offering advice and guidance in the creation of Parkour Parks, equipment and facility's. We also offer alternatives to the creation of equipment via upcycling. 

If choosing Parkour Experiences we will help with ideas, contacts and available options as well as showing, helping you get in contact with the Parkour/Freerunning community in your area. We can also help with design process of the park and can also provide a member of Parkour Experiences to help and support the whole project. We can also help plan trip ideas and places to visit for information and inspiration.


If you want to get an idea of what Parkour/Freerunning entails and what you can expect to see what will be happening in your Parkour Park we can provide a member to show you what discipline is, various movements and interactions with the environment so you can fully understand what is going to be expected. 

For more information please ring us at 07800 649970 or send us an
email at: