Parkour Experiences has the best to offer in Parkour and Freerunning talent in the South West. 


All our athletes have diverse backgrounds in Parkour/Freerunning with other skills which takes there exquisite talents to the next level, these skills include martial arts, rock climbing, break dancing and slacklining.

Hire Us

Our athletes have been in a number of photo shoots, events and performances such as "Hope at Greenway", "Xtreme Bike Battle" and "The Totnes Show" as well as working with world champions such as Andrei Burton, Lee Mussel White and with clothing company's such as THTC and Super Saturated.


In the past we have also done promotional videos shoots for the National Trust, Dartmoor Zoo and the Hammerson group which took us around the country filming in there shopping malls and stores witch included filming in John Lewis, Disney, House of Fraser and others.


If you wish to hire us for any events or photo shoots and/or videos please feel free to contact us at:


07800 649970 or send and email to


Parkour Experiences also have connections with local Freerunning communities and if needed we can out source to bring in additional numbers if required.