Kyle Perkins

Founder of Parkour Experiences, head coach and performer, has a level one Adapt qualification and over 10 years experience in the field. Finalist for coach of the year 2013 and the first Parkour Coach at TONE leisure centres across the SouthHams. He has always been a passionate traceur and has always had the drive to succeed.

At age 13 he helped create the Kevicc (King Edward VI Community College) Parkour Committee, from there he and the committee fund raised money to bring down the English Parkour team Urban FreeFlow, down to Torbay, where after a great two day workshop they performed on Paignton green with the kids they had been teaching.

Kyle has been featured in a great deal of Newspapers, magazines, radio shows and performances, and has helped out across the county by teaching voluntary.

Kyle has brought Parkour and its Philosophy to the masses of our sleepy county. He has also trained with some of the best freerunners in the country, including the likes of Urban FreeFlow and Parkour Generations and abroad with Athens Parkour, and has had his roots firmly based here in Torbay.

Originating from (TPK) Torbay Parkour, Kyle has grown up and trained with some of the best freerunners in Devon and with that he now passes on that knowledge to others so they can learn and grow like he has.

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Inspirations: Daniel Illabaca, Stephane Vigroux